2010 |  painting series - painting and sound installation

A Place of... has its starting point in a visit I made to the apartment of one of my family members who immigrated to America. Unfurnished and reduced to essential, the flat looked like an office-home unit, almost void of the intimate, despite the fact the person had been living there for many years. I asked him to “document” photographically his flat and to auto-register his thoughts on his flat and on his relationship to it.  A Place of... tries to create an interwoven “portrait” between the living space and the interior agents and desires which lead everyday individual life dynamic. In the form of installation, it consists of a series of seven paintings and an audio registration. 

The painting series represents fragmented views of the apartment’s interior. They combine a realist, documentary-like style with photographic collage, which appears in a form of minimal insertions. Mainly images of architectures and landscapes found on the Internet, the photographs show places connected to personal memory yet generally familiar, belonging to our “mediatic” memory. Similarly, the interiors are intersected by different depictions - as paintings-inside-paintings - representing from idyllic urban skylines to visions of bombarded cities, stormed landscapes, or inflamed buildings. The insertions present symbolical and evasive moments, which take off the viewer’s experience from the tautological features of the depicted space.

The paintings are accompanied by an audio registration to listen to via MP3 player with headphones while watching the paintings and walking through the exposition space. Divided into seven brief stories, the audio presents an interior monologue narrated by a voice of middle-aged men, in English with a foreign accent. As it tries to converge the viewer’s attention to the point of departure, the apartment itself, the audio’s narrative opens the work’s topic to a broader set of ideas. By describing his attitude to the flat, the reasons for its emptiness and its highly functional logic, as well as his emotional detachment from it, the man confines his views of what “home” might mean and how one’s sense of belonging and displacement gets externalised through the way one deals with proper living space.


A Place of...

series of seven paintings and soundtrack

A Place of... - soundtrack
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