2010 |  video - video installation

For An Urban Story, I asked a friend who lives in a small city in Northern Italy to make me a guided tour in his car around the place. Invited to show the sights related to his personal experience and memory of the place, rather than those representative city-sights of historical and cultural importance, he introduces the urban landscape through a mixture of general information, anecdotes and comments. The narrator always remains out of frame, leaving exclusively the panoramic view from the car window to unfold in front of the camera. Shot in a straightforward documentary style, the video explores the relationship between personal and collective space and their ways of interaction in the everyday. How their bonding is put in act by the fragments of architectural forms and individual interpretations of the socio-historical context shaping our living space.


An Urban Story - single-channel video

DVPAL 16:9, colour-sound, language Italian, subtitles English, 16:00 min

VIDEO INSTALLATION |  three videos screened on TV monitors playing simultaneously  

Developed as a commissioned project for a show at the art space TamTam8 (Berlin), An Urban Story also exists in the form of video trilogy. To the first video, other two video pieces are added following the same concept and structure of the first video. However, they are filmed in different locations - a town in England and a city in Western Germany, and they feature different protagonists - an older man and a young woman, who have different relations to the depicted places - a naturalised immigrant and an expat

The storytelling of the narrators and the ‘scrolling’ of urban landscapes weave the apparent anonymity of each. The work aims to portrait not as much a specific location or person, but rather a more general problematic of historical legacies, urbanisation, transformation, and the questions of home, displacement and alienation in our society, in this case the Western European context; the one yet away from those globally well-known metropolises often depicted as emblematic to identify our contemporary condition.


An Urban Story - three-channel video installation, TAMTAM Gallery, Berlin

An Urban Story; An Urban Story #2 (DVPAL 16:9, colour-sound, language Serbian, subtitles English, 16:22 min); An Urban Story #3 (DVPAL 16:9, colour-sound, language English, 16:40 min​)