2015 |  public performance

Dormitory - the old nickname for New Belgrade, which describes it perfectly (Vukajlija, dictionary of slang)

Dream Catching in Dormitory is a flashback excursion into the neighborhood which reflects on my growing up in Belgrade in the 90s; one which will most certainly never become a part of any sightseeing tour. The intersect between New Belgrade district 1, 3 and 33, with no cultural sights or content, testifies of the obsolete social plans and official ideologies of living, as well as of their by-products. From 1989 to 2001, it was my everyday scenery and it made the perceptive frame of my emotional and social formatting; until I left it to move to another country. The 42 min silent performance accompanied by an audio track audible via headphones shares some fragments from my past, using an archive-based material contextualized into the contemporary urban landscape.  From the perspective of someone who’s become a tourist in the homeland, I wish to restore the ruins of my personal memory of Belgrade - distant from Tito, communism, secession, old kings and dukes - much closer to McDonald's, turbo-folk, brutalism, banging pots and sirens.

Dream Catching in Dormitory was commissioned by Walk With the Artist (Belgrade-Berlin-Bergamo, 2015). 

banging pots - during the 90s, people banged their pots from their windows at 8 pm every evening in the protest against the news broadcast on the government television

Dream Catching in Dormiotry - soundtrack -
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Dream Catching in Dormitory, New Belgrade, 05 June 2015, 12 AM

photo documentation of the performance and the performance soundtrack


Dream Catching in Dormitory

map of the performance route

(from "Walk with the Artist" catalogue)

© by Iva Kontic

Dream Catching in Dormitory - New Belgrade, 05 June 2015