2013 |  video series


Green Shake Cipralex & PVC WIndows



Green Shake Cipralex & PVC WIndows



Green Shake Cipralex & PVC WIndows



Green Shake Cipralex & PVC WIndows




Green Shake Cipralex & PVC WIndows


Green Shake, Cipralexs & PVC Windows is a series of autobiographical “micro” videos made in quasi-minimalist style. The video pieces present filmed performances and contain some form of visual text. Consisting of one continuous shot, they all function as image deconstructions-reconstructions, which are obtained through minimal physical interventions. By the actions of creating and cancelling visual text, the physical interventions generate the temporal dimension and, contemporaneously, the narrative content of the videos. The concept of the video series is based on production of allusive contents, expressed in a form of “textual image” - words in space - as if reading between the lines or watching out of the frame.     

Green Shake, Cipralexs & PVC Windows is a sort of intimate diary which touches a few thematics related to my recent personal experience. The work has been inspired by my long dwelling inside the closed space of my home environment and, in broader sense, it explores the transformation of personal perception and experiences derived from the feeling of temporal constancy within four walls. It deals with consequential emptying of the contents related to everyday experiences, which are obtained through our contact with the “contextual reality” and its agents What remains from our portrait when the time-space “autism” eliminates everyday external outputs which fulfil the narration of our living space and experience, and thus “sintetises” our existential identity? In this sense, the video pieces present an artistic reflection on the process of alienation. They are small interpretations of convergences of individual conscience, where dealing with one-self reaches the climax through expressions, externalisations of basic desires, emotional needs and psychological moments.

© by Iva Kontic