ODE TO HEIMAT (She Under the Plumtree)

2017 |  video

Created within the art project She Under the Plumtree in collaboration with Maja Maksimovic, this short parodic video shows the two artists reading out the lyrics of the two popular Serbian turbo-folk songs from the 90s, "It Was a Serbian Mother Who Gave Birth to Me" by Indira Radic and "I Love the Guys who Drink Rakia (Serbia)" by Viki Miljkovic, at the ruins of the future construction site "Belgrade Waterfront", the city renewal project. The two performers imitate the dressing style of female folk singers - high heels, short, tight and colourful dresses, strong makeup, and are accompanied by the real size cardboard reproductions of musicians playing instruments typical for the music genre. While the original melodies from the two patriotic songs are occasionally heard in the background, the words of the narrated songs are being interpreted by the pieces of information from the media in an attempt to create a contextual subtext to the performance.

Plumtree is considered the national tree of Serbia and is most commonly used for making the traditional drink rakia. There is a common saying in Serbia, which became popular during the 90s and the Yugoslav wars "All Serbs under one Plumtree.