2009 |  video - two-channel video installation

There Far Away shows a group of elder people in a nursing home in Zagreb, Croatia, while singing the songs of their young-hood during one of their weekly singing meetings. After the last notes of "There Far Away", an old patriotic Serbian song originating from WWI, the group decides to sing "Let the Wind Blow from Neretva", a traditional Bosnian love song from the area of the city of Mostar. Encountering their physical strength and memory resistance, and some even the proper consciousness of present moment - they all sing little interested in different origins or political connotations of their repertory, especially in relation to the recent past events in this geographical area. As if all that counts is the pure joy of being still capable to remember and sing together the lyrics of the songs.

As a consequence of being produced and mostly displayed outside the geo-historical context of its subject, There Far Away subsequently developed in a video installation. In the installation, the main video presented as a video-projection is followed by a second video screened in a small TV monitor - a sort of epilogue in which the artist herself speaks in front of the camera in her, then, residency in London. Throughout a series of brief and fragmented facts which introduce the viewer to the geo-historical background of the scene from the main video, she tries to create a deeper and emotionally more complex access for the audience to the work’s less obvious and conceived context.


THERE FAR AWAY - two-channel video installation (one-screen version)


THERE FAR AWAY - two-channel video installation, Goldsmiths College, London

Video projection (DVPAL 16:9, colour-sound, language Croatian, partial subtitles English, 3:30 min), and a video screened on TV monitor (DVPAL 16:9, colour-sound, language English, 3:00 min)